Photograph of Jimmy McDowell (Mack)Jimmy McDowell is a 1947 graduate of Columbia Radio and Speech College, Chicago. After graduating, he moved to Benton Harbor, MI where he became a radio broadcaster for WHFB radio. He along with wife Peggy, became producers of two programs called “Lullabye Parade” and “Melody Mack ‘N Peg”. In 1953 Jimmy got an offer to work at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, MI. In 1957 the CBS affiliate of WOOD, WISH in Indianapolis, offered him a position in radio and TV. Jimmy and Peggy made the move with their three children to Indianapolis. In 1958 they produced a radio show called “Teens & Tunes” and a TV teen dance show called “Teen Twirl”.

At WISH Jimmy was also a disc jockey playing the weekly hits from the Billboard top 100. Jimmy moved onto three radio stations where he was also an on-air personality. He stayed with WIRE, WXLW, and WBRI radio stations until he made the move to WLWI-Channel 13. He had a popular teen dance show from 1965 to 1969 called “Bandstand 13”. His broadcasting career took him to WCFL Chicago, WHFB Benton Harbor, WOOD Radio & TV Grand Rapids, WISH Radio and TV, WXLW, WBRI, WIRE and WLW-I Indianapolis. He also worked at WFAB in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska and WLMG a hospital station in England during WWII. As “Jimmy Mack” his radio programs ran the gamut from singing with organ or piano accompaniment to DJ shows anytime from early morning to late night. His extensive TV career included everything from variety shows to host of local talent shows to writer, producer, announcer and weekend weather man.

McDowell retired from television in 1973.  He died October 13, 2021, at age 99.